Future Plans During 2018.


Promotion and advancement of education for the masses is the policy of the present government of Pakistan bring Pakistan to a respectable level of world literacy rate.

Subah is envisaged to contribute to this noble cause, and to raise the rate of enrolment of Girls intend to start a chain of co-educational English Grammar Medium School in Balochistan at Five Districts. In the first phase a primary model English school Will be establish at Quetta during 2018, While remaining units of school will be start very soon at needy Districts / areas of Balochistan.

Every SUBAH School contains a well Trained Staff and well equipped medical health unit which responsible to contribute towards the improved health and overall wellbeing of school student this will promote health awareness and reduces the risk situation and behavior of young students. This basic health unit would be beneficial for school going age children of the school. The main features of the BHU are free checkup, medicines and advice to the students of the school, staff members and area community.

This BHU will be very beneficial for the people of the area particularly women and children. This basic health unit operates day and night and provides medical services on nominal charges. Beside medical treatment female doctor, LHV and Midwife of the medical unit provide information and guidance in respect of family planning, reproductive health, HIV aids, TB, Hepatitis and other epidemic diseases.

The space of school in evening will be utilized for promotion of international and national local languages such as English, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Balochi, Brahvi, Punjabi, Sariaki, Kashmiri and Urdu and different computer software training programme, cooking, baking, embroidery and other life skills education programme. It is expected that school language and life skills center will accommodate 720 students on nominal fee during 2018. 


  1. Introduction of Life Skills for Psychosocial Competence in School going adolescents.


Psychosocial competence is a person’s ability to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. It is a person’s ability to maintain a state of mental wellbeing and demonstrate this in adoption and positive behavior while interacting with others his / her culture and environment. Life skills are abilities for adoption and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. During 2018 SUBAH Quetta planned 5 days’ workshop to impart life skills based education to school teacher and students.


  1. Building protective environment for children and adolescent in Balochistan.


Children represent the future, investing in children and their health development has benefits for society as a whole, for parents and families and of course, for the children themselves. For building protective environment for children and adolescents in different districts of Balochistan, during 2018 SUBAH Quetta has designed a detailed manual for training of trainers of civil society organizations on child protection issues. Main objective of the training is to prepare master trainers in civil society organization, CSO, NGOs and Government agencies on right based approaches on child protection issues and to strengthen Advocacy and encourage pressure group.


  1. SUBAH Quetta has planned to establish a prisoner’s school & a legal assistance forum at District and Central Jails during 2018, the initial and spade work has been done and negotiation with IG (Prisoner), Balochistan, superintendent District & Central Jail is in process and same will be done very soon.


  1. Protection of Environment and Wild Life is the leading objectives of the SUBAH Quetta, and organization is busy to educate people of Balochistan about the importance and protection of the wild life and environment and mobilize them against all forms of discrimination, exploitation & violence against wild life. During 2018, SUBAH has planned for comprehensive awareness campaign for protection of environment and wild life.


  1. SUBAH Quetta has evolved for 2018 a comprehensive plan for Day Celebration, Walks on different occasion, Grand rely, speech competition, painting competition and quiz competition among the youth and school children from own resources.


  1. The Subah Quetta planned to establish a sewing center with 10 Sewing Machines and a Lady Sewing Instructor at surrounding of Quetta where classes of cutting and sewing for women will be conducting to fulfill his assignment toward empowerment of women.


  1. SUBAH Quetta has Planned to establish a Homoeopathic Medical Welfare Clinic with a part time Homoeo Doctor at Needy area of Quetta during 2018 where medical aid and medicines were provided at nominal rate to the poor community of the area and during 2018 willing to Establish more Welfare Homoeo Clinic at different parts of Quetta city and its surroundings particularly in Rural Areas in order to provide medical health facilities to poor folks of rural areas.



            The burgeoning adolescents group constitutes more than 1.76 billion people with 1.5 billion of them living in developing countries and whose numbers are expected to rise sharply over the years, with over 200 million people living in poverty, 130 million illiterate, 88 million unemployed, and 10 million living with HIV / AIDs; this youthful population is prone to many risky circumstances. This is because they are uninformed or poorly informed, about the implications of their risky behaviors.

            SUBAH Quetta realizes the importance and need of Drop-in-center and planned to establish three DIC in surrounding of Quetta city during the year 2018. The drop-in-center stems from the concern with regards to the situation and dangers to the life of street living and working children and adolescents as the majority of street living and working children have poor health status. Prevalence of respiratory infections, tuberculosis and high risk behavior is frequent, while rights protection and health awareness is low causing physical, psychological, emotional and reproductive health problems. Bathing and washing hands is a mandatory activity for all those street living and working children visiting the drop-in-center Life skill and HIV prevention training comprises basic health / STIs education along with the provision of basic health facilities like toilets, soap, bathing facilities and basic refreshments at the centers. Flexible timing often supports children to come and visit DIC before, during and after their work time. They will be provided with tea, biscuits and audio visual services during their stay. These centers will be focus on a holistic approach towards capacity and skill building and provide the adolescent with problem solving and coping mechanisms to deal with their daily problems.