Our Objectives.

  • Build capacity of human and organizational resources through training and research.
  • Facilitate provision of social services to the poor and deprived communities.
  • Develop Human Resources for utilization of available resources
  • Pro-actively participate in the human rights activities for the oppressed people
  • Disseminate Information, Education, and communication (IEC) awareness through different means, for instance, electronic and print media, handbills, poster, research and publications
  • Facilitate youth and keep involve in positive development process
  • Facilitate and encourage local human resources to carry out their established objectives more effectively and efficiently
  • Enhance women’s awareness about their rights, specifically about Gender Based violence their Reproductive Rights, in general provide a platform for women, where they can share ideas and work for their own overall empowerment and development.
  • To educate people of Balochistan about the importance and protection of wildlife and environment and mobilize them against all forms of this discrimination, exploitation and violence against wildlife Determination of natural areas where wildlife found and formation of Botanical gardens, zoological gardens To implement policy of wildlife of the Go, Vt.


            Lengths and breadths of entire Balochistan ranging from Lush Green Juniper forest of Ziarat to Alluvial Plains of Dera Murad Jamali, Barren and mighty rocks of Zhob to the verge of Arabian Sea in Gwadar.


            Our broader thematic areas are:

  1. Gender Mainstreaming, 2. Reproductive Health, Women and Child Rights, 4. Human Rights, 5. Education (Formal & Non Formal) 6.Water and Sanitation, 7. Health &Hygiene Education, 8.Livelihood Initiatives, 9. Human Resource Development, 10. Institutional Strengthening, 11. Good Governance, 12. Research and Community Physical Infrastructure etc.



Since the inception of Subah the organization serving the communities in various social development areas especially, for health, reproductive health to bring reforms in education.

            The highlights of Governing Body are as follows:

  1. Following the constitution by laws based upon by the laws of the organization the member BOD strictly follow by-laws and detailed procedure of each category, while implementing the ongoing or new project.
  2. Every member has the right to express his comments / views for further promotion of Subah Quetta.
  3. All the members of BOD will work and provide their realistic and holistic voluntary services & will not charge any remuneration or salary.
  4. As per need and requirement the management responsibility could be given to any board member dully approved by the governing body.
  5. At least five members among the BOD will not related member & Majority of the management team members are not related to the governing body members.
  6. The selection through election of Board members will be for tenure three years.
  7. To review the progress of ongoing & new projects, quarterly meetings of BOD will be held regularly.
  8. The governing body is authorized to approve the annual plan with ¾ majorities of total members.
  9. To monitor and evaluate the progress of the project the following committees will be formed to achieve the targets, keep track record and maintain the transparency in every component.
  1. Recruitment Committee
  2. Procurement Committee
  3. Finance Committee
  4. Internal Audit Committee
  5. Construction Committee
  6. Governance committee
  7. Programme review committee
  1. Annual progress review of all the projects will be held one month before, at the ending of financial year.
  2. No decision will be made without fulfilling the requirement at least 50% presence quorum.
  3. 1/3 participation of women member must be ensured.
  4. The board of Director is fully authorized to make any development, financial hiring and firing decision with acceptable justification.
  5. All the members of Governing Body at their own will make interaction with government authorities, NGOs and donors agencies to get their financial & technical cooperation and assistance to enable the communities to live a happy life.